Volunteer Training

Our team is made up of parents, grandparents, donors, kayakers, photographers, construction workers, teachers, siblings, program directors, rock climbers, hikers, van rental owners, students, accountants, friends, and more.

Join us! You could be the next Volunteer of the Year!


Volunteer Training is available for new and seasoned volunteers alike and for most of our program types. Volunteers walk away from these days with new skills and strategies on making adventures accessible and impactful – all while making new friends and building this volunteer community! You don’t need to be an expert to start training. Contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Carly Steinauer if you’d like to be informed of upcoming events. We’d love to have you as a part of the team!


There are many Waypoint volunteers who want to donate their time and get involved in adventures, but when it comes to Rock Climbing or Ropes Course programs, they count themselves out! Fortunately for you, the skill of belaying is easy to pick up! Learn how to belay and join us for some indoor climbing, outdoor climbing, or a ropes course program. Our good friends at Central Rock Gym in Watertown can show you how!