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With Great Community Comes Great Opportunity

With great community comes great opportunity. This community from Newton already has a few Waypoint adventures under their belts, and you can tell that their community is getting stronger and stronger. Earlier this month, the group home of young adults had another opportunity to work together and overcome challenges while hiking in the Blue Hills.

When the decision was posed to the group on which way to go, this group decided to try a new trail and it turned out to be fairly difficult! We realized that we all need each other in order to succeed! Some steep sections and rock scrambles required focus, determination, and lots of support, but the view on top of Tucker Hill was well worth it. When we can feel safe within a community of responsible, bought-in peers and know that we have the freedom to try new things, we have the opportunity to overcome obstacles. Can’t wait to adventure with this group more in the coming months!

Exploring the idea of what everyone brings to the team

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Learning how to read the map and stick to it!

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We made it!

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