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Winter Hiking with Brain Injury Support Group

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Sometimes, noticing that someone has a brain injury is easy. Other times, it’s invisible. You would never be able to tell that someone had one. But regardless, people who have acquired Brain Injuries or Traumatic Brain Injuries experience challenges that are very unique. So when someone with a TBI wants to do something as simple as going for a walk in the woods, he/she may need some very simple support.

  1. Trekking poles for balance
  2. Someone to guide the group so no one get’s lost on the trails
  3. Calls before the program and extra care during the registration process.
  4. And someone to design the day with a strong sense of community and a path to success (quite literally) that leaves no one getting too frustrated or anxious.

The MA Department of Conservation and Recreation recognizes the support that’s necessary to be able to provide access to their parks and has sponsored Waypoint’s hiking programs. This was an awesome day with adults who had TBIs in Blue Hills Reservation. Check out pics!

Photo Feb 03, 1 21 59 PM

Photo Feb 03, 10 44 37 AM (1)

Photo Feb 03, 11 04 08 AM

Photo Feb 03, 11 13 12 AM

Photo Feb 03, 11 20 33 AM