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Winter 2020

Here at Waypoint, we continue to enjoy outdoor adventures!  In fact, winter hiking, biking and snowshoeing trips can be exhilarating and fun with proper clothing, the right equipment, a mask, and a bit of social distance.  Let’s be real, even a stroll around the block on a gray day can refresh the mind and raise our spirits. We are excited to venture into the outdoors with you if you are up for the adventure! Our new online registration process is up and running – click on ‘The Adventures’ tab on our website to sign up or give us a call and we’ll find the best program fit for you and your goals!


We understand that the pandemic can sometimes make travel, or even getting out of the house feel challenging.  The good news is that opportunities to virtually enjoy nature, as well as resources and inspiring stories are available at the tap of your device or computer.  Studies have shown that even virtual nature can improve our health and happiness. Here are some websites and links to virtual adventures that might get you dreaming of post-pandemic outings.


Try a virtual nature hike or “visit” a national park at one of these links:

If movies are your thing:

REI has a nice blog post here on books, movies and podcasts designed to bring the outdoors into your home:

The following link has a wealth of information about planning and preparing for outdoor adventures and developing wilderness skills:

As winter arrives and daylight grows a little shorter, the brambles and thorns of life might tug at you and try to hold you down or keep you indoors.  Nature has a way of affording us a literal view of the forest through the trees.  Science has proven that nature (even virtual nature) can contribute to happiness and boost our moods and state of mind.  Come join us on a Waypoint Adventure; and if that isn’t possible at the moment, try experiencing nature virtually!

Please contact us via email or phone to let us know about other virtual nature experiences that you like or to request that Waypoint run a virtual experience