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Where were YOU on January 7th?

If you live around Boston and you recall last weekend, it was a snowy one. Some parts of the region got 12 inches in just the course of a day! The Blue Hills Reservation in Quincy was no exception. Snow started there around 10:30am and accumulated almost an inch per hour.

But none of it deterred 20 hardcore, New-England-tough, Waypoint hikers. We braved the conditions and the effort was worth the reward ten-fold. On yak-traks and wheelchairs, we covered over 2 miles in about 2 hours and at one point just stopped and stood still to watch and listen. The forest was filled with wind and falling snow and this reflective moment reminded us of how glad we were that this group had the opportunity and willingness to come together for this moment. It was beautiful.

This was the 3rd of our 4-part hiking series in partnership with DCR’s Universal Access Program and another impactful program for many. Enjoy these pics from our day!

DSCN7255Photo Jan 07, 10 33 32 AMPhoto Jan 07, 10 35 42 AMPhoto Jan 07, 11 04 35 AM (1)Photo Jan 07, 11 08 06 AM Photo Jan 07, 10 35 08 AM20170107_110623DSCN7278 DSCN7282Photo Jan 07, 11 02 51 AMPhoto Jan 07, 11 03 30 AM Photo Jan 07, 11 24 18 AMPhoto Jan 07, 12 08 03 PMDSCN7275 DSCN7287