Wheelchair Rental Program

Wheelchair Rental Program

As Covid-19 restrictions continue, people are turning to their local parks, trails, and green-spaces for solace – a chance to get out of the house, get exercise, and boost mental health. Unfortunately, not everyone has access to these trails!

One mom called to say that her son’s day program is cancelled indefinitely! Her son has limited verbal communication and relies heavily on faces and people and social interaction for his happiness. “We are going to go stir crazy!” she said. “I need to get him outside.”

We want to help. We have 10 different styles of off-road wheelchair for every body-type and we’re now renting them out using a thorough, sanitary turn-over process. Request to see our procedures around sanitizing and wait-time as well as our Gear Rental Form if you’re interested by emailing info@waypointadventure.org. One of us will give you a call and we can talk you through which chair would be best for you. You can come pick it up, request delivery, make the payment or suggested donation online (see below for more details), and return it or request pick-up when finished – all without interacting in person.

– DAY USE: What can you pay? It costs $65 a day for coordination, maintenance, and sanitizing. If you can’t pay the $65, let us know what you can pay before ruling this option out. We want to make sure you get a chair if you need one!

– EXTENDED USE: What can you pay? For a weekend, it costs $100 for coordination, maintenance, and sanitizing. We’re currently flexible with rentals that are longer than a weekend. Keep it as long as you need past the weekend with the caveat that if someone else wants to rent it, we’ll need it back. Please consider a donation in any amount towards the sustainability of the program.

DELIVERY AND PICKUP: We’ll deliver it to you and pick it up (within reasonable distance) for a suggested donation of $50.

In addition, if you would like to help fund this program and can pay more than the suggested amount and provide chair rental opportunities for others, please consider making a donation. A contribution in any amount can help families get outside during this challenging time. Please give at our donate page and select “wheelchair rental fund” at checkout. Thank you for your support!

To rent other adaptive/recreation equipment like trekking poles, backpacks, or adaptive paddling gear, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team and we’ll get you set up!

Our newly donated Hoyt Racing chair with custom Waypoint colors ;). Also in background are two Grit Freedom chairs.
We have two Trail Riders that have full back and head rests, arm rests, and a reclined position. Everything is fully adjustable. It’s our most supportive chair.
We have 3 terratrek chairs but only two are shown here. The green one pictured has the footplate out in front for a legs extended position. We also have a green chair with the footplate tucked back behind the casters. The red one pictured here has a wider seat than both of the green ones.
This is a mountain trike chair. It has two hand cranks with one of the handles used for steering. Its our most “athletic” chairs, where the user needs to have full upper body control.