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Wheelchair Rental Program

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We have over 10 different styles of off-road wheelchairs (with motorized and manual options) for any body-type or size and they are available for rent! Request a Gear Rental Form if you’re interested by emailing A member of our team will contact you and can talk through which chair would be best for you if you’re not sure. You can come pick it up, request delivery, make the payment or suggested donation online (see below for more details), and return it or request pick-up when finished.


DAY USE: What can you pay? It costs $65 a day for coordination and maintenance. If you can’t pay the $65, let us know what you can pay before ruling this option out. We want to make sure you get a chair if you need one!


WEEKEND USE: What can you pay? For a weekend, it costs $100 for coordination and maintenance. If you can’t pay the $100, let us know what you can pay before ruling this out. We want to make sure everyone gets a chair who wants one!


WEEK(+) USE: What can you pay? It costs $250 per week for coordination and maintenance, but if you can’t pay this amount, let us know what you could pay before ruling this out. We’re currently flexible with rentals longer than a week. Keep it as long as you need past the weekend with the caveat that if someone else wants to rent it, we’ll need it back.


DELIVERY AND PICKUP: We’ll deliver it to you and pick it up (within reasonable distance) for a suggested donation of $50.


In addition, if you would like to help fund this program and can pay more than the suggested amount and provide chair rental opportunities for others, please consider making a donation. A contribution in any amount can help families get outside and discover independence and fun! Please give at our donate page and select “wheelchair rental fund” at checkout. Thank you for your support!

To rent other adaptive/recreation equipment like trekking poles, backpacks, or adaptive paddling gear, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team ( and we’ll get you set up!

The Hippocampe all-terrain beach wheelchair was originally designed for the beach, but has been used on multiple Waypoint trail hikes, backpacking trips, and canoe trips. The chair can be towed, pushed, or self-propelled, and its sleek design and lightweight frame make it perfect for maneuvering through the outdoors. This chair is comfortable over long distances – complete with headrest, footrest, side supports, and hydrophobic foam seats.


The TrailRider is a specially designed wilderness access vehicle – equipped to traverse rugged terrain over long distances containing rocks, roots, grades, cross-slopes, un-ramped bridges, etc. This chair is not designed for self-propulsion, but is pushed and towed. It is lightweight and ergonomically designed to be comfortable for both riders and pullers/pushers.

The Mountain Trike Chair is all-terrain, rugged, self-propulsion, and self-steering. It has the option of direct steering with only one arm and a motor-assist. It has excellent control for smooth turns and is easy to ride across slopes. The hydraulic disc brake system gives you great control and braking in all weather. The seat tilt is more conducive to racing-chair style and is not adjustable. Check out more at for more pictures, videos, and info.


The GRIT Freedom Chair has an easy-to-push lever system to drive the chair forward and steer. It combines the efficiency of hand-cycles and the small size of manual wheelchairs. The levers amplify your force, making it easier to self propel, especially outdoors on grass, sand, and rough terrain. It accepts a padded seat, has a headrest, and foot plate is directly below knees at adjustable height.

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The Terratrek is a rugged, all-terrain manual wheelchair built to withstand the trail. We have two different footrest options to accommodate the most comfortable or natural position of a rider’s feet/legs and we have two different seat-width options. It accepts a seat cushion and has sturdy mountain bike tires. This chair is ideal for the user that is able and willing to self-propel, but can also choose not to. As of December 2018, Waypoint has two green Terratreks (Picture A), one with the footrest out/above the casters and one with the footrest tucked back underneath the chair and behind the casters. The one with the footrest out/above can accept rickshaw bars (as shown in picture C). Waypoint also has one red Terratrek that is a wider width and has the footrest tucked back underneath the chair and behind the casters.

CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE: The Bowhead E-Bike is a motorized trike for riders with a need for speed! Fine motor skills, coordination, and experience operating motorized vehicles required! Check out more about this unique option at

The Hoyt Racing Chair is one of our most supportive options. With a reclined positioning, seat belts, multiple velcro padded supports that can be adjusted to exactly where necessary. This is push/pull device where the user is not contributing to it’s movement.

The Trionic Veloped Off-Road Walker is a rollator with 3 climbing wheels that climb curbs, rocks, roots, and other obstacles with ease. This is a great option for people who need support with balance and can also remain at eye-level with peers.

two men ride a tandem bike

CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE: This Tandem Trike has a moderately supportive seat for the biker in the front. There is an option to have the front and back pedals connected or have them operate separately. Check out Jason’s experience with this here.