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Waypoint on Wheels 2023

Have you ever wanted to test out gear to see if it fits your needs? Have you ever wondered what the best off-road wheelchair or adaptive bike setup works for you?

Join us on Saturday, October 14th at Waypoint Headquarters for our “Waypoint on Wheels”  Expo in collaboration with Grit and sponsored by Rodman For Kids. You’ll experience a customized session just for you and try out different adaptive gear. From electric, to self-propel, to full assist, we have an off-road wheelchair, hand-cycle, or tandem bike/trike to fit your desire for adventure!

Look through the mobility devices below. When you register for a session, you will complete the Medical Form, then after checking out, you will be asked to complete a Follow Up Form, called “Gear Day Preferences.” In that Follow Up Form, please indicate what devices you are most interested in trying, and we will make sure there are not too many others in your session that also want to try that. To add your answers to the form, press “Edit” in the top right corner, and then “Submit” when you are finished.

*Please read directions above to make sure there are not too many others in your session who also want to try what you want.

Off-Road Wheelchairs

GRIT Freedom Chair and Freedom Chair Junior

The Freedom Chair by GoGrit is a simple design, 3-wheeled wheelchair with hand-crank propulsion and braking. The handlebars behind the riders head make it easy to push from behind. We also have a Freedom Chair junior for youth riders!

Trail Rider

The Trail Rider is one of our two most supportive off-road wheelchairs. It is a full-assist device – meaning the rider maintains their posture while a person pulls from the front and pushes from the back. This chair has arm rests, foot rests, and only one wheel to create a smooth ride and the ability to go up and over anything. This chair has climbed Kilimanjaro!


The Hippocampe wheelchair was originally built as a beach wheelchair with big wheels for the sand and the ability to float. However, we love it for it’s reclined comfortable seat with headrest and that it’s lightweight for someone to push. It’s not easy to self-propel, but it is possible. Mainly used as a push/pull chair.

Hoyt Racing Chair

Built by the Hoyt Racing Chair company and inspired by the Rick and Dick Hoyt team, this chair is built for comfort, stability, and ease of pushing. It has mountain bike all-terrain tires as well as road tires. The front wheel can also come off and the whole chair can be hooked up to the back of a bicycle.


The Terratrek is a rugged, all-terrain manual wheelchair built to withstand the trail. This chair comes in two different footrest options to accommodate the most comfortable or natural position of a rider’s feet/legs and it comes in two different seat-width options. It accepts a seat cushion and has sturdy tires. This chair is ideal for the user that is able and willing to self-propel.

Mountain Trike

The Mountain Trike Chair is all-terrain, rugged, self-propulsion, and self-steering. It has the option of direct steering with only one arm. It has excellent control for smooth turns and is easy to ride across slopes. The hydraulic disc brake system gives you great control and braking in all weather. The seat tilt is more conducive to racing-chair style and is not adjustable.

Trionic Veloped Off Road Walker

The Trionic Veloped Walker is the only truly off-road walker on the market. With its patented climbing wheel, the Veloped can negotiate even tougher terrain as the three-wheel design is more off-road capable than any 4 wheel walker.

Cycling: Tandem Bikes, Trikes, and Hand-Cycles

Hase Recumbent Hand Cycle

This hand-cycle recumbent trike is also new to Waypoint. Made by Hase. The two Hase devices connect to each other for a tandem experience.

Hase Recumbent Trike

This foot pedal recumbent trike is for a single rider. It’s new to Waypoint! Try it out! Made by Hase. The two Hase devices connect to each other for a tandem experience.

Tandem Bicycles

We have a wide array of tandem bikes of different heights and lengths. Our Tandem Cycling program is popular. We’re always looking for more Captains to steer and command the front of the bike! These bikes are for people with full balance and trunk strength.

Recumbent Tandem Bikes

We have two different styles of recumbent tandem bike with different levels of support.

Tandem Trike

Our tandem trike offers the extra stability of a third wheel and the ability to have two pedalers – either on separate chains or connected to the same chain