If you don’t like the weather…

As the saying goes around here, “if you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes!”

We were fortunate to enjoy the very dramatic change in weather on a recent kayaking program with a group of young adults from a group home in Newton. That morning, we gathered at Charles River Canoe and Kayak’s location in Allston, and while reviewing our plan and meeting our paddle partners, it was a torrential downpour! Thankfully, we all embraced it with smiles and got thoroughly drenched!

The upside of the wet weather was the fact that we got to enjoy the stretch of river from the Public Theater down to Harvard University almost entirely by ourselves. We ate lunch next to the John Weeks Footbridge and continued downriver to Cambridge still covered by dark rain clouds. Finally, we decided to turn around and start heading back upstream. All of a sudden we realized that there was nothing but blue sky behind us! We had been following the storm down the Charles River! We all had a good laugh and then an awesome, hopeful feeling about our paddle back to the put-in. It was a beautiful second half of our day and even ended in a water sponge and splash fight!

Check out pictures from this fabulous day on the water with old and new friends.


Photo Jun 24, 10 21 24 AM

Photo Jun 24, 10 07 15 AM

Photo Jun 24, 11 11 55 AM

Photo Jun 24, 11 08 19 AM

Photo Jun 24, 11 08 24 AM

Photo Jun 24, 11 09 44 AM

Photo Jun 24, 11 11 26 AM

Photo Jun 24, 11 13 42 AM

Photo Jun 24, 11 48 31 AM

Photo Jun 24, 12 02 34 PM

Photo Jun 24, 1 01 43 PM

Photo Jun 24, 12 55 06 PM

Photo Jun 24, 1 00 28 PM

Photo Jun 24, 1 01 53 PM

Photo Jun 24, 2 03 55 PM

Photo Jun 24, 12 29 48 PM

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