Waypoint Adventure Club

Join the movement! Become a part of the Waypoint Adventure Club (WAC). Started in 2018, this club has hiked, backpacked, cycled, and rock-climbed all over the Greater Boston area and into NH. At Waypoint Adventure, we believe that in an ideal world, people with and without disabilities would naturally find opportunities to adventure together. The WAC is about all people, regardless of ability, having the opportunity to share the rewards of challenging experiences together.

Let’s lead the way toward diversity in adventure! Sign up today (must be 14 or older).

Look for programs with “WAC” in the name


The Waypoint Adventure Club (WAC) Tandem Biking program will challenge you and your group to the thrill and fun of tandem biking along Greater Boston’s most popular rail trails, paths, and cycling routes. Tandem biking can be a hilarious, challenging, and fun time. Partners learn to build trust and understanding while getting exercise and participating in a group activity. All experience levels welcome. Visit our Cycling page to see pictures of some of our adaptive bikes.


Join the group on a hike to tour New England’s most beautiful conservation land, mountains, and trails. We’ll tailor the day to meet the specific challenge level best suited for the group. Visit our Hiking page to see our adaptive off-road wheelchairs if you need one or may be helping to push one.

Rock Climbing (Indoor and Outdoor)

The Waypoint Adventure Club (WAC) Rock Climbing programs are a great way to enjoy diverse challenge levels and experiences. Come climb, belay, and encourage one another in this exciting sport. We frequent Central Rock Gym in Watertown for these fun Community Climb Nights. Visit our Climbing page to see how rock climbing can be accessible to any ability level.