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Time on the Water with Assabet Valley Collaborative

There was no better way to beat the heat this week than on a kayaking program with Assabet Valley Collaborative.  Although we had participants with varying kayaking experience, all were excited to cool down on the water! Our three reminders for the day were to encourage one another, stay safe, and be cool.  We were able to do these things and more as we paddled along the Charles and talked about our waypoints for the day.

One participant’s “waypoint”, or memory from the day, was simply dipping her hand in the water as we paddled.  We always enjoy our time with Assabet Valley Collaborative and look forward to seeing them again soon!

Photo Jul 28, 10 31 13 AM
Going over our schedule for the day which included our reminders to encourage one another, to stay safe, and to be cool!
Photo Jul 28, 10 56 56 AM
Practicing our paddle strokes and turns.
Photo Jul 28, 10 58 16 AM
Nothing but smiles out on the water!
Photo Jul 28, 10 59 51 AM
Making new friends and having a peaceful paddle!
"Putting my hand in the Charles River felt nice."
“Putting my hand in the Charles River felt nice.”
Photo Jul 28, 11 00 05 AM
Stay cool Waypoint friends!

If you are looking for a way to “stay cool” in this crazy Boston heat, come join us on one of our kayaking programs either as a volunteer or a participant!  Click here for remaining trip dates.