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Thomas’ first time in the woods

A young man on a Somerville Public Schools hiking program experienced his first time in the woods! This group of high-school students has been doing an adventure series with Waypoint as a class and on a recent hike in the Middlesex Fells, we discovered it was Thomas’ first time!

Thomas’ school borders the Middlesex Fells Reservation, but it wasn’t until a partnership with Waypoint Adventure and access to an off-road wheelchair that he got to experience the trails, trees, leaves, dirt, and wind.

Thomas’ Physical Therapist said “This may be the most exciting thing Thomas has ever done!” Way to go, Thomas!

On this Giving Tuesday 2023, consider a donation big or small to make more firsts like this happen for members of our community like Thomas. Thank you for your support!

A group of high school students and teachers standing in winter clothes together in the woods. One student is using a Hoyt Racing Chair.
Thomas got to join his friends on their class field trip!