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Julia received her Bachelor’s degree in Recreation, Sport & Wellness from Gordon College (Wenham, MA) and completed a second major in Fine Arts. After college, she worked as a Recreational Therapist at the Neville Center’s Skilled Nursing facility in Cambridge and then the at PACE Elder Service Plan in Lynn. Julia also volunteers for the organization, Kupenda, a non-profit based in Kenya advocating for the rights of children with disabilities to health, education, and inclusion. In 2011, she illustrated the first Sign-Language handbook in the area for parents to be able to communicate with their children and is still in use today. After leading several teams of volunteers to the schools on Kenya’s coast, she got the opportunity to lead a different kind of trip that combined her love for transformational adventure and Kupenda’s kids. In 2016, she co-led the first ascent of Kilimanjaro by local children with disabilities. Her 2018 TEDx talk titled, “High Expectations – three teens with disabilities take on Kilimanjaro” is about how having high expectations for one another can create communities where people feel valued.

Julia joined Waypoint Adventure’s Program Team in 2013. She is Wilderness First Aid certified and holds a Climbing Wall Instructor certification through the AMGA. In their free time, she and her husband Joel enjoy camping, playing soccer, and canoeing with their dog.

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