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Waypoint Adventure’s Waypoint Education program is a series of fully accessible, goal focused programs that are custom designed for special education classrooms. These programs use engaging, experiential strategies and adventure to provide opportunities for positive social and character development.

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How It Works:

Waypoint staff collaborate with teachers and school administrators to identify social and character goals that align with school and classroom initiatives. Past program series have focused on topics such as self-determination, teamwork, perseverance, and problem solving.

Following these collaborative meetings, Waypoint staff create customized lesson plans and/or units that include both classroom-based teambuilding sessions and off-site adventures tailored to the identified goals and needs of each student.

All Waypoint Education programs use various social and emotional learning (SEL) competencies and the latest research based experiential education strategies as a guide for planning these lessons and curriculum.

School Partners:

Some of our current and past partnerships include: Boston Public Schools, Cotting School, Somerville Public Schools, Arlington Public Schools, and Perkins School for the Blind.

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The Results:
  • 87% of participants said, “This program makes me wants to try new activities even if they look hard.”
  • 87% of participants said, “I learned a new skill during this program”
  • 89% of participants said, “I felt like I belong in this group.”
  • 89% of participants said, “I want to do this again.”

“When I met with Waypoint, we talked about building their confidence and encouraging them to take risks. A lot of them become comfortable in this nice little classroom, and we wanted to challenge them to really push themselves out of their comfort zones.” ~ Boston Public School Teacher

“First I didn’t want to do it, but I changed my mind. My brain said, ‘never quit.’” ~ Boston Public School Student

“I have a class of very active, distractible, rambunctious, and self-conscious students, and I saw them all flourish! They encouraged each other, challenged themselves, and accomplished more than they thought possible.” ~ Somerville Public School Teacher

“Going rock climbing with Waypoint provided a real life example for students of how grit is important not only in the classroom but throughout their lives.” ~ Arlington Public School Teacher

“The difference in a Waypoint Adventure program versus just spending time outside is the intentionality and custom-tailored curriculum found in each program. Dan and Adam don’t just take people outside. They plan ahead, strategize, and ensure that each goal discussed with the group/leader beforehand is met by the end of the program.” ~ Volunteer & Teacher at the Edward Brooke Charter School

(Female Student’s) growth has been huge! I think a big part of her growth, her comfort level and her ability to challenge herself, was in part due to the relationship Waypoint staff developed with her and thus able to challenge her…This allowed her to push herself and learn something about herself and grow in her confidence in her abilities. – Full Circle Next Wave School

Impact Story:

Boston Public School teacher, Alison Brown, worked with Waypoint Adventure to design a series of experiences for her students around the concept of “taking risks”. Click below to watch their story of how they challenged themselves, both physically and emotionally, to reach beyond their comfort zone and gain new confidence.

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