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Spreading Inclusion – Omni Gym opens in Wakefield

Long-time volunteers Paige and Kyle just opened their own fitness center in Wakefield, MA called Omni Gym and have committed to making it open, accessible, and inclusive to people of all abilities – they say – thanks to their involvement with Waypoint!

Paige and Kyle starting volunteering in 2018 and quickly fell in love – both with Waypoint and with each other. (Yes, their relationship actually started around the same time as they started volunteering). They joined our Leaders-In-Training program as Captains – meaning they volunteered with the LIT cohort throughout their year-long series – and were hooked! As fitness instructors, they both loved pushing people of various abilities to their maximum potential and seeing them reach goals.

Omni Gym (Omni meaning “everyone”) is currently training athletes with disabilities and Paige and Kyle attribute 100% of their focus on inclusion to their involvement with Waypoint. How awesome to see the ripple effect of inclusion on the community! Thanks to the volunteer experience, now a gym in Wakefield is staffed with trained and experienced leaders who feel equipped to include people with disabilities in their programming!

Go check out Omni Gym on their social channels (links below) and sign up to train with them! They’re currently taking clients for personal training and group classes and they are specifically trained in ASD fitness through Eric Chessen’s Autism Fitness Certification in Natick.

And we wish them the VERY best for their upcoming WEDDING in June! We love you Paige and Kyle!