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Spaulding Adaptive Sports Center Climbs at Quincy Quarries

Three indoor climbing programs from North Shore to South led up to this final day of a series with Spaulding Rehab – A day of outdoor climbing at Quincy Quarries. It was a beautiful spring day – the kind where a sun burn sneaks up on you – and athletes from Spaulding came for a day to try the sport of climbing or improve on previous experience.

One participant spent a grueling 30 minutes on a route and finally made it to the top! When lowered back to the ground she was pouring sweat and said in anguish, “THAT WAS SO HARD!” and then a pause… and a smile “…but I loved it!”

We’re continuously grateful for this partnership with Spaulding Rehab Hospital’s Adaptive Sports Center and are thankful we get to meet such awesome people. Thank you to all volunteers and participants who came out! Check out pictures of this exciting day and check out our Snapchat story. Follow us on Snapchat at @WaypointAdv for more.

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