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Somerville’s Adventure Community

Waypoint’s partnership with the Somerville Public Schools is going strong. We are thankful for the opportunity to have started our second year with these students and teachers!

It’s been a busy few weeks and here are some of our favorite autumn highlights with a few of these classes:

(1) We headed indoors to go rock climbing at Central Rock Gym in Watertown after a rainy morning changed our plans to go to the Middlesex Fells. The students’ excitement for adventure and of trying something outside of their comfort zones radiated throughout the morning. “Adventure” was our motto and this was a glimpse into the perspectives of these students and staff.

This class especially demonstrated the impact of supporting their community. Each student chose a wall that would really challenge them and saw their accomplishments in a big way. As each one climbed, the others rallied around them. Some were cheering, encouraging and pointing out the routes, others were giving high fives and making sure everyone was proud of what they’d done after finishing. It was hard not to join in on the encouragement.

IMG_4447 IMG_4454

(2) With another class we headed out to the Middlesex Fells Reservation for a day of outdoor rock climbing. It was a gorgeous day to get outside and they could not have been more excited or more willing to challenge themselves and recognize their personal potential and the potential in others. We set goals together and stepped up to accomplish them. We even had the opportunity to celebrate the day with a short hike to the top of the rocks for a view of downtown Boston.

Photo Nov 02, 11 51 27 AM IMG_4570

One teacher commented about the impact he has seen in his class – “If a child can set a goal and challenge himself then he can practice this throughout his life. Starting early and recognizing one’s accomplishments is a key to success, and Waypoint Adventure gave my students this wonderful opportunity to show themselves and each other what they were capable of.”

Photo Nov 02, 12 37 45 PM

(3) With yet another class, we headed up the road to North Andover Youth Service’s Ropes Course. The misty morning turned into a gorgeous day to cross a “raging rip current” with the Nitro Swing.The students all jumped right in to the scenarios and created ideas for how to succeed together. The goal was to get everyone safely across the “current” and onto the “island”. After crossing safely to the “island” everyone enjoyed a run down the Zip Line.

Emphasizing community and how challenges can bring us together, this class stepped up to find new ways to see and support each other. Not only did they work together on the Nitro Swing but they found success in each other on the Zip Line. Their friends and peers were present each step of the way.



(4) The Middlesex Fells Reservation provides access to more than just outdoor rock climbing. The reservation is filled with trails winding through the beautiful New England forests with great views of downtown Boston. Another class joined Waypoint for a day of hiking these gorgeous trails. We explored a few small rock caves and enjoyed a scavenger hunt focused on “what lives in the woodlands”. Discovering more about each other and more about the natural world captivated the students.

We enjoyed lunch at the base of Wright’s Tower over looking downtown Boston and the surrounding communities. Wright’s Tower gives any hiker a great view of the beautiful coastline of Massachusetts. The kids loved it!

IMG_4728 (1)IMG_0715 IMG_0725

One of their teachers said – “Experiencing nature outside of the classroom helps my students understand the bigger picture of where they live. Today, they’ve been able to do that”

With all four classes, we’re thankful for opportunities to talk about community and the impacts of challenging yourself with the support of that community. It is only through challenge that we learn more about ourselves, each other, and our natural world.

Waypoint’s looking forward to our winter adventures with the Somerville Public Schools. Come back soon to read more about those adventures!