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Somerville Programming Finale

It was an awesome school year of programming with Somerville Public Schools. We couldn’t be more thrilled about how the year has gone – making huge impact on the social dynamic in classrooms, learning habits, and personal growth of students. It was fun to finish the year off with Winter Hill School’s 4th graders going rock climbing!

This class was initially nervous about taking on this new-to-them sport, but after we visited their classroom and demonstrated how to rock climb, what the equipment is used for, and how much weight it can hold, moods totally changed! They started  looking forward to their exciting field trip! Every student got on the wall (a surprise to their teacher!) and even tried a second or third time getting higher each time!

A big thanks to the Winter Hill Community School, administration, staff, and teachers for making this program, and others like it, happen and be successful and fun. We’re looking forward to seeing and working with you next year!

Photo May 31, 9 49 50 AM

Photo May 31, 10 49 33 AM

Photo May 31, 10 41 37 AM

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