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Somerville Makes Outdoor Education a Priority

Outdoor Education within schools is proven to work. Students learn and perform to their potential when they are confident, self-esteem is high, cooperation is strong, and students feel like they belong. At Waypoint, we know this works when Adventure-Education is integrated into a classroom curriculum over the course of a semester, but in Somerville, we’ve learned how much of an impact it has on one classroom even just one time! Somerville Special Education teachers keep speaking up: “When can my class go on an adventure!?” These programs – a day of rock climbing, a hike, a ropes course – all enhance the process of learning. Kids who persevere on a rock wall and achieve success or the encouragement of their classmates have created a lasting memory (or a “waypoint”) that reminds them to persevere through a math problem or writing assignment!

The 2017-2018 school year has brought BIG success, achievement, and impact to Somerville Public School’s Special Education program. Students are feeling empowered, supported, and, of course, having fun! Even Somerville News Weekly did a piece on our adventures:Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 11.42.10 AM

Check out pictures and stories from the school-year thus far:



Photo Nov 01, 11 04 27 AM

Photo Nov 01, 11 51 48 AM

Photo Nov 01, 12 30 15 PM

Photo Nov 01, 11 29 02 AM

Photo Nov 15, 10 01 34 AM

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Photo Oct 19, 10 43 13 AM

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Photo Nov 29, 11 25 54 AM

Photo Nov 29, 11 26 51 AM

A huge thanks to educators of Somerville Public Schools, the PEP Grant, parents, students, volunteers and countless others. These programs are made possible with a group effort!