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Somerville Spring Adventures

Waypoint Adventure recently started spring programming with the Somerville Public Schools. Two weeks ago, we finished a Teambuilding and Indoor Kayaking series with a class from the Healey School. Knowing there was a chance to go kayaking in the pool, everyone jumped right in!

In the Teambuilding program prior to going kayaking, the students began learning four basic kayak skills in the context of “goal setting” and “taking on the challenge of trying something new”. The four skills they learned are: (1) putting on a life-jacket, (2) getting in and out of a kayak, (3) paddling a kayak, and (4) what happens when your kayak tips over.

During this session, every student identified what their goal for “trying something new” would be and worked hard to meet that goal. The common thread for all of the students was tipping their kayak over (performing a “wet exit”).

Rich Cheney, the Director of Aquatics for the Somerville Public Schools, loved what he saw in the pool. “What a great experience for the Healey students! [Waypoint] is teaching the students a skill they can use for a lifetime.” We loved having various administration pop in to check out a Waypoint program in action.

Thank you to the Somerville Public Schools for the collaboration through the PEP Grant! We’re looking forward to the rest of our programming with many other classes throughout the spring. Keep your eyes out for more posts about many more adventures throughout the next couple of months.

To read a short write-up by the Somerville Public Schools on the Indoor Kayaking program, click this link!

Also, a big shout out to the volunteer employees of Definitive Healthcare. You can read more about their involvement on this recent blog post

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