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We FINALLY got some snow!

After waiting all winter for the snow to come to New England, it finally happened! Right after the Nor’easter, Waypoint and a local group home met in the Blue Hills for a beautiful, fun and challenging Saturday snowshoe adventure.

Right form the start, these residents connected with our staff and volunteers filling the snow-covered trails with laughter and good attitudes. Every time we looked around our group, smiles filled faces and funny stories were being shared. For many in our group this was the first time they had gone snowshoeing. Honestly, they couldn’t have picked a better day for it – we even enjoyed some steaming hot cocoa over lunch!

The trails were covered in snow from the big storm and we even got a new coating from a smaller storm overnight. The woods had that amazing snowy silence. Toward the end we took some time to veer off the beaten path and explore a quieter area of the trails where we had some great conversation about community and what it means to live together and share life….great insights were shared all around.

All in all, it was a great day to talk about the importance of our community and to enjoy the snowy winter that finally came to Massachusetts.

Enjoy the photos!

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