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Trails getting crowded? Try ours! We contacted the interactive map service,, and explained that we wanted to put out a resource that would help our community get outside with notes about trail types, accessibility, parking, and more, and they donated a free membership due to the circumstances! We’re so grateful to partner with a company that believes in the power of the outdoors and the importance of sharing resources during this time! Thank you MapMe​!

Click here to go to the map:

The interactive map includes sites that Waypoint Adventure​ has used over the years. Share it with your friends! Click on a site and you’ll see an address for parking, photos, and notes on trail recommendations and accessibility. Since we couldn’t describe every nuance about every trail intersection of every route, give us a call if you have any questions! We love talking about accessibility and have a lot of good tips for wheelchair users especially. Check back often as we continue to update this great resource. Get out and start #adventuringanyway and always remember to practice physical distancing!

NOTE: The blue icons are more suitable for everyday wheelchairs, but we’re just a call away if you need an off-road wheelchair! ( Please check the listed links to the sites for up-to-date info on closures, bathrooms, etc. If you have any recommendations to add, send us a message or comment below! For more resources, also check out