Riverview School Evening Kayak

We are excited to announce a great new partnership with Riverview School! This private boarding/day school was founded in 1957 on Cape Cod for students with complex learning, language, and cognitive disabilities. We are working with their GROW Adventure Club. This club which contains students who are in a post-high school transition program who are interested in adventure, challenges and the outdoors.

Throughout 2019-2020, we will have four adventures together: an evening kayak, a winter hiking-weekend, an outdoor rock-climbing program and a summer adventure-weekend! To start the program series off right, we decided to run the evening kayak in Riverview’s local community at Wequaquet Lake in Barnstable, which just so happened to be Waypoint’s first ever Cape program!

The goal was set: to challenge the students in unique and sustained ways, to help them explore the local community and give them some insight on ways that they can be independent with their own adventures. The group made huge strides towards this goal that will continue within the club.

There was one boat group we want to highlight. This boat had two Riverview students paddling together. Both of them had known each other for a couple years and had previous kayaking experience, but had never paddled in a tandem before.

For the first half hour of paddling, they struggled to work together. Their boat continuously drifted far to the left and then far to the right. At one point, they each became so frustrated with one another that they stopped paddling all-together. We took this opportunity to take a group water break and to see if any other group could offer tips/advice for paddling. This allowed these two students to gather themselves for a minute as well as to hear from their peers. This moment was crucial. While their struggles with paddling didn’t instantly disappear, slowly but surely, they began to keep their boat straight without getting as frustrated with each other.

On the way back to shore, this boat group happened to be paddling next to a Waypoint Instructor. The student who was in the back took this opportunity to relay the following: “This was my first time paddling in a two-person kayak. It was harder than I thought it was going to be and my shoulders are pretty tired. I feel great about what I did and that we were finally able to keep the boat straight!”

That’s why adventure and challenge are so important. These students were given constant challenges that they had to overcome. By working through them, they grow. And the more students are given these types of opportunities, the more growing they will do.

We are all excited to see what challenges these students will overcome next. Stay tuned for our Winter Hiking Weekend!

 Photo Sep 27, 6 29 20 PM

Photo Sep 27, 6 21 42 PM

Photo Sep 27, 6 20 38 PM

Photo Sep 27, 5 54 48 PM


Riverview group poses for photo in front of the lake

Thank you again to Riverview for allowing us to work with your students and the Town of Barnstable for letting use Wequaquet Lake.

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