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Ready For Spring!

It’s an understatement for most of us. But for these climbers, “ready for spring” means they’ve taken on the challenge of Indoor Climbing and are now prepared to do it outside. Our annual partnership with Spaulding Rehabilitation‘s Adaptive Sports Center is a dynamic series that offers three different Indoor Climbing sessions and culminates in an Outdoor Climbing day at Quincy Quarries. Check out pictures from last year. We can’t wait for April 29th… (in more ways than one)! Call Spaulding to register for Outdoor Climbing at 877-976-7272 and reserve your slot!

We started this series in January on the North Shore and, since then, we’ve climbed at Central Rock Gym in Watertown and the Gleason Family YCMA in Wareham with incredible people determined to overcome obstacles and discover strengths. Check out pictures of these impactful programs:

Climbing at Central Rock Gym in Watertown:

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Climbing at Gleason Family YMCA in Wareham: