Let us design a program or series for your organization centered
around an agreed-upon goal for your group.

Looking for a new and interesting addition to your agency’s programming? Waypoint Adventure offers an innovative way to keep your participants active, engaged, and learning. These fully accessible programs are  specially designed to push adventurers to challenge themselves, support others and discover the breakthrough just outside their comfort zone.


“The first time I worked with Waypoint, I could tell right away that they were confident, skilled, and knowledgeable about adaptive outdoor adventure activities. When we hit the trail, they made sure that everyone, no matter the disability or skill level, was safe, involved, and having fun.  Their leadership was comprised of a perfect combination of encouragement, flexibility, and patience ultimately making the day a huge success for everyone!” ~ Anna Mckeown – CTRS Town of Concord, MA

“This experience gave them the opportunity to truly step out of their comfort zone and consider how the strategies used to successfully climb the rocks may enable them to reach other goals they are working towards such as graduating from high school, finding roommates and housing and landing their first jobs.” ~
LABBB Collaborative

“Thank you for another incredible experience! Your staff was once again beyond accommodating and understanding of our population’s needs” ~
Director, CHARMS Collaborative