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Due to current demand, we’re still running Private Lessons, but on a case-by-case basis.

Private Lessons launched in response to Covid-19 and have been a great way to continue the mission of providing access to the outdoors! We believe in the power of the outdoors and know that adventure can bring about healthy change in people’s mental and physical lives. We hope you’ll consider signing up for a Private Lesson with one of our staff or trip leaders and participate (with guidelines) in an outdoor excursion that helps you get exercise, fresh air, and a mental-health boost!

All Waypoint programs are uniquely adapted to accommodate people with a wide range of disabilities. Our team has extensive experience working with youth and adults with intellectual, physical, and social-emotional disabilities ranging from moderate to severe. Make sure to check out our Kayaking, Hiking, and Biking pages to see pictures of adaptive equipment and some of our many techniques. Please reach out if you have any questions! We love talking through specific situations.

Lessons are 90 minutes unless otherwise specified and whether you’re signing up for a Private Lesson or just going out on an adventure on your own, Waypoint recommends following these guidelines. Please review these before you join us.

Check out our options below and then go to our Program Calendar to sign up!

Option #1: ADVENTURE WITH A WAYPOINT STAFF MEMBER: Utilize the expertise of our experienced team and get access to the locations and equipment that would best suit your goals and needs. Our team has years of experience and we are constantly evaluating and re-evaluating best sites, trails, boat launches, and equipment to best suit your needs. Please note, bathrooms may not be available at all locations. If a bathroom is a “must-have”, let us know and we will do our best to find a location where there is one or look into best portable bathroom options for you. Click sign up button below after reading through all information.

Hiking – *$100 – Specialized equipment, skill-building, and personalized instruction all included. A third person from your home must be present (see below in More Details for “third person” guidelines). “Urban Hiking” and “Trail Walks” are all under the activity “Hiking” as well and they take place all seasons of the year. Our team will review your registration and determine – with you – best fit on site, activity, and designing an experience that meets your needs and goals.

two people in snow gear, one on cross country skis pushing another using a sit ski

Cross-Country Skiing (Private or Small Group) – *$100 – Cross Country skiing takes place at Weston Ski Track Specialized equipment, skill-building, and personalized instruction all included. Our team will review your registration and determine – with you – best fit on site, activity, and designing an experience that meets the needs and goals of your small group.

Cycling or Biking – *$125 – Get out on a sidewalk or trail and feel the speed! We have tandem road-bikes to provide (if you have someone from your household who is a competent tandem-bike peddler to ride with you), but otherwise you bring your own bike. We can go road-biking on paved paths and sidewalks or go trail biking with mountain bikes on the trails!

Kayaking – *$150 – Enjoy the peace and serenity of the water on a kayaking adventure! Check eligibility criteria in Covid-19 Confirmation form for more details. At this time, participants must be able to either paddle independently in their own single kayak or have someone from their household join in a tandem kayak who is a competent paddler. Please reach out if you have questions! Kayaking season coming to a close in mid-September!

*Please note: Prices above reflect typical fees for Private Lessons and what it costs to run these individual excursions. It is our first and foremost priority to provide these to you regardless of what you can pay. Please reach out to sign up even if price is a barrier; we have scholarships available.  In addition, donations in any amount help fund this opportunity for others. Payment and donations are discussed during your registration.

OPTION #2: I JUST WANT TO RENT EQUIPMENT: If you don’t need the support of a Waypoint staff or Trip Leader and just want to rent an off-road wheelchair, trekking poles, or adaptive paddling set-up, check out our Wheelchair Rental Program page which includes info on how to rent our adaptive recreation equipment.

More Details about Private Lessons:

  1. Forms:  During your registration, you will make an account through our online system, Jumbula, and be asked to sign up for a particular session. You will fill out both the Waypoint Adventure Medical Info form AND a Covid-19 Confirmation form. Please read these over carefully and especially consider if the Essential Eligibility Criteria on the Covid-19 Confirmation form applies to you before you sign. Please note, you have to set up a Jumbula account to participate. Our team can help!
  2. Third Person:  There will always be a “third party” present. We will work with you to determine who that third person may be. It’s one of our policies that staff and participants are not out of sight of the public at any time. We’ll ask you if you have a friend, family member, PCA, or person you’ve been isolating with who wants to join us. If you don’t have anyone to join, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to provide a second staff member or volunteer as we are spread thin at this time.
  3. Masks and Hand Sanitizer: We ask that you bring your own mask and hand sanitizer to your lesson. We’ll have extra if you forget. We’ll only require mask wearing when we are within 6ft of each other.
  4. Bathrooms:  Please be aware that many bathrooms are not in service. If there is not a bathroom at the location, we recommend using the bathroom at your home before you come and then if we need to use the bathroom in the woods, check out our How to Use the Bathroom in the Woods video on our YouTube channel. If a bathroom is a “must-have,” let us know and we will do our best to determine best options for you.
  5. Transportation:  You must provide your own transportation to and from these Private Lessons.