Will has a rare form of epilepsy which was the cause of a brain injury. Through participating with Waypoint, Will’s confidence has grown right alongside his love for rock climbing. Click video above to watch Will and Amy’s story!

We offer “OPEN ENROLLMENT” programs for individuals at least once per month. Sign up for a program today and experience an adventure custom designed to meet your goals and objectives!

Parents want to see their children reach and exceed their goals. Waypoint Adventure provides the opportunity for your child to push the bounds of their potential and discover that “they can”! The specially designed programs are built to teach your child adventure skills within a supportive environment of community and belonging. However, that’s not all they’ll get out of these experiences. As a matter of fact, you’ll find that the thing that sticks with them most is the profound resilience and confidence in their ability to succeed.

“Jessica’s growth has been huge! I think a big part of her growth, her comfort level, her ability to challenge herself, was in part due to the relationship Waypoint staff developed with her and thus challenge her…This allowed her to push herself and learn something about herself and grow in her confidence in her abilities.”~  Parent

“I’m proud of having this caring family at Waypoint. I feel at home with you guys! After my back surgery, I thought I never would find a hobby like this one! I appreciate that you don’t think of my disability as a barrier to having fun and being adventurous.” ~ Participant

“It’s too infrequent that we see our son bursting with pride and a real sense of accomplishment. I am exceedingly grateful to Waypoint Adventure for providing a lifetime of lessons.” ~ Parent

“There’s a lot of things that other people and even ourselves think we can’t do. But it’s adventures like these that show us we’re capable of more!” ~ Participant


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