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Help make the Outdoors Open for All! Although the outdoors is ‘open’, it is not accessible to everyone. Join the Waypoint community for our first reunion in two years, celebrate inclusive adventures, and together make the outdoors open to all!

Spring Fundraising Party

Get ready for May 12th, 2022 from 6-9pm on the campus of Cotting School for the Waypoint Adventure annual Spring Fundraising Party!

The Rodman Ride this year was a huge success! We were the only participating organization that rode on tandems. We had 15 riders total: 12 did the 25-mile, 3 did the 50-mile ride. Several team members have reached their fundraising goal, but a few still have more to go! Help us raise important funds toward access for all!

To donate, click below. Donations accepted through Oct 30th.

Waypoint Adventure in the Rodman Ride

Donate towards our goal of raising $50,000 to support access and inclusion for all!