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One Story: “…that changed my life!”

“You don’t even know how much that changed my life!” – were the words from our friend Cindi after returning from a Waypoint Adventure backpacking trip in September.

Cindi is a native of Massachusetts who, prior to an acquired brain injury in 2010, owned her own business and worked as an EMT.

Cindi has been on a few adventure programs with Waypoint over the last several years and says that if it weren’t for outdoor adventure programs like these, she wouldn’t be here today.

Following her injury, she became hopeless and couldn’t imagine any sort of quality of life. She felt like her brain was “stuck in a box” and that traditional therapies weren’t helping. It wasn’t until she was introduced to outdoor adventure programming that she began to experience the freedom, learning and supportive community found through these programs.

Cindi says, “because of my brain injury, poor memory and balance issues, I can’t do these things without support. I would get lost in the woods if I was on my own! The only way I can hike, climb and kayak is with a group like Waypoint Adventure who can provide the necessary supports. People with disabilities like mine need to know that there is a whole world available to them. The outdoors and these communities are really therapeutic and we need to show them to reach outside of the hospital and see that the world outside. is available with adaptations and support.”

Stories like Cindi’s are a common occurrence at Waypoint. Almost on a weekly basis we’re seeing breakthroughs in people’s perceptions of their abilities, seeing them rooted in community and watching them learn and grow.

As we begin to wind down 2018, we’re booking programs through August of 2019. We can’t wait to offer more of these experiences next year!

People helping participants while hiking


Group photo of IAC participants on top at their campsite