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One Program With Many Firsts

July 18th was a very special day. Our kayaking program at newly renovated Magazine Beach in Cambridge had some big firsts! Several new experiences and accomplishments added up to one magical night on the water. Here’s the list.

1. Lydia paddled the back of a tandem boat with a participant in the front. This was her first time! Watch her talk about her “I Can” Moment: Lydia Paddles the Back of a Tandem Boat

2. A care-taker that came with a participant had a fear of the water. But he, too, embraced the theme of discovering what you can do and chose to paddle with us. Guess who he paddled with…. Lydia! Watch him talk about overcoming his phobia: Yinka Overcame His Phobia of the Water

3. We had a dog in a boat! This service dog was admirably obedient and brave for scooching all the way down in the cockpit of the boat seat his human was in. It was Sally’s first time kayaking as well! She learned that she doesn’t need ANY specialized equipment or kayak to go again on her own!

Photo Jul 18, 7 28 21 PM

4. The Cambridge Police Department volunteered! Thank you Officer LeVecque for volunteering your time and bringing patches!

Photo Jul 18, 7 27 29 PM

Photo Jul 18, 8 11 00 PM

5. And last but not least, there’s NEVER been a bigger smile and happier-looking combo on a Waypoint program than Zach McLeod and his paddle-partner, Dave Su. Zach has the most infectious love for people and connecting with others than you’ll ever experience. (Zach’s been on Waypoint programs before, so this technically isn’t a first… but you get the idea). The McLeod’s just released a book “Hit Hard” about Zach’s football injury at age 16 and his family’s journey of letting go of what was and learning to live well with what is. You’ll read it in one sitting! Highly recommend. Buy it here.

Photo Jul 18, 7 20 45 PM (1)

There were so many more “Waypoint moments” on this trip. There’s just too many to mention. Check out more pictures of the program. And a shoutout to Friends of Magazine Beach, the City of Cambridge, and the MA Department of Conservation and Recreation for constructing an accessible boat launch! Waypoint was honored to have consulted on the project so that more people with disabilities can access the beauty and serenity of the water and the fun of paddling with a community. Come down to the park for an official Ribbon Cutting Ceremony to open the launch on Thursday, August 1st at 9:30am… right before our last Magazine Beach kayaking program of the year!

Photo Jul 18, 7 21 55 PM

Photo Jul 18, 7 27 55 PM

Photo Jul 18, 7 29 08 PM

Photo Jul 18, 7 29 46 PM

Photo Jul 18, 8 06 08 PM