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One Participant Selling Bracelets for Waypoint

Zoe Spiegel has been a Waypoint participant since 2021 when she tried snowshoeing for the first time along side her mom at Weston Ski Track. Then, in 2023, she braved the snow again on skis!

Zoe at Weston Ski Track with Trip Leader Brenda writing her name in the snow
Zoe and mom, Mira, standing together on snowshoes smiling at Weston Ski Track
Zoe and Waypoint staff/volunteers on skis!

Zoe’s family was so impressed with her snowshoeing and skiing experiences, that Zoe’s mom, Mira, arranged for a grant from the Needham Education Foundation to fund a Waypoint Adventure School Series for Zoe and her peers at Needham High School! So far, they’ve had awesome Waypoint-led Team Building and Indoor Rock Climbing adventures!

Now, Zoe is channeling her bracelet-making skills into raising funds so that other adults on the autism spectrum and/or with disabilities also have access to the adventures that give her such a sense of accomplishment.

Mira shared, “For Zoe to be able to walk away having learned how to do something gives her a real sense of accomplishment. We wanted to make sure that Zoe’s enterprise, Zo Much More, could give back to the organization that gave her so much.

Zo Much More is a family-owned and operated social enterprise powered by Zoe herself.  Like so many other individuals with ASD, she is capable of so much more than she is often given credit for. Zo Much More provides a platform for Zoe to demonstrate some of her strengths (making custom bracelets, assembling kits, etc.) and hopefully create a model for others. Zo Much More selects different charity partners – like Waypoint Adventure – who are committed to improving the quality of life for individuals with disabilities and donates 20% of their topline revenue to those charity partners. Zoe also designs a customized “Spirit Bracelet” for each charity partner – and her custom-made Waypoint “blue and green” bracelet was a huge hit. Zo Much More recently made their largest charity partner donation since the inception of their business when they donated $1,037 to Waypoint Adventure!

The Waypoint Blue and Green Spirit Bracelet

Thank you, Zoe, for all your hard work making bracelets and selling them so that people with disabilities can have access to meaningful adventures!

If you want a Waypoint blue and green spirit bracelet, Zo Much More will make you one! Head over to to request one or shop from Zoe’s extensive collection of beautiful jewelry.

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