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One Educator Waited 7 Years for Waypoint

Dr. Lygia Soares started the Merrimac Heights Academy (MHA) in Merrimac, MA in 2013 and the next year discovered Waypoint Adventure at an event. At the time, she only had one student enrolled in her private school for students with complex learning, language, and social challenges, but she swore when she had the funding, she would be back! Well 7 years later, MHA had the funding, the students, and the buy-in to go on their first Waypoint adventure! And now they’re booked once-per-month for the rest of the school year!
We love this story of an educator who saw the value of adventure education for her students and never forgot about adding it to the curriculum. We’re REALLY excited about this new partnership after an awesome hike at Ward Reservation in Andover, MA. The WHOLE school came out!