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Ocean Paddling with the May Center

On two beautiful Saturdays late this summer, we explored the southern end of Boston Harbor and Little Harbor, Cohasset with students from the May Center.

In August, thanks to a partnership with the Trustees of Reservations, we paddled from World’s End to Bumpkin Island. In the early 1900s, Bumpkin was the site of a school for students with physical disabilities, but after burning down in the ‘50s, the site is now just a pile of yellow bricks. These facts always provide fodder for good conversations. What do you think of a school for students with disabilities on a beautiful, isolated location like this? This paddle was a good challenge for our group and included navigating boat channels and paddling against the wind for much of our return trip.

In September, we had the very rare opportunity of paddling on Little Harbor in Cohasset. This is a magical spot and is only accessible via a narrow channel from the Atlantic Ocean or from one of the few, fortunate homes built around the harbor. The channel from the ocean would include navigating very strong currents and standing waves – neither of which our group was ready for. But, lucky for us, Waypoint has friends who own a home and generously offered our group the opportunity to launch right from their back yard! It couldn’t have been a more beautiful day. Eight stellar volunteers joined us and we enjoyed a perfect day on the water.

In August at World’s End Reservation of the Trustees

Photo Aug 19, 11 43 23 AM

Photo Aug 19, 12 56 03 PM

Photo Aug 19, 1 46 00 PM

Photo Aug 19, 1 08 52 PM

Photo Aug 19, 1 28 15 PM

Photo Aug 19, 1 32 56 PM

Photo Aug 19, 1 34 12 PM

In September, paddling out of Little Harbor, Cohasset

Photo Sep 09, 11 16 25 AM