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Look at all that snow!

My Experience on Mt. Willard

Guest blogger, Solveig Steeman, shares her experience hiking Mt. Willard with the Waypoint Adventure Club (WAC). Solveig has been an active participant with Waypoint Adventure since 2019 when she joined the Leaders-In-Training program. She has discovered different types of equipment like the GRIT off-road wheelchair and is fearless when it comes to hiking, backpacking, kayaking, rock-climbing, and tandem cycling! She does it all! Read her words below:

My name is Solveig Steeman. I am part of Waypoint Adventure Club (WAC). I went to a winter hike trip weekend with other WAC members at Mountain Willard in New Hampshire. I really love the winter trip because I got some experience to hiking in the middle of snow and cold weather.

It gave me a opportunity to meet more people in the Waypoint community. I am a downhill sit skier. However, I got experience of uphill sit ski over that weekend. It was a cool and fun experience. I was able to push myself a bit to keep my body move and warm throughout that day and spent five hours in cold. I also had a team of WAC members who help me to get to the top of Mountain Willard. We made to the top of mountain with the team. “Teamwork Became Dreamwork”

Check out pictures of Solveig and the rest of the WAC team on their Winter Summit Weekend in March 2023.