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“My daughter was her best self today!”

Our first Connecticut program is in the books! Because of connections made through family and friends and because of the support of Christ Community Church., Waypoint had the opportunity to run TWO kayaking programs this past weekend on Long Island Sound in Darien, CT. When Within a few short days of outreach, both program rosters were full of youth and adults hungry for fun, adventure and discovery on the water. This enthusiastic community, combined with the amazing weather and scenery made for a truly incredible day of kayaking!

Not only did we hit a milestone by taking our day-programming out of MA, but the program itself felt particularly unique and impactful. You know that feeling? If you’ve been on adventure programs like these, I’m sure you’ve felt it – When their’s an overbearing feeling of joy and connectedness. When everyone is genuinely excited to be there and meet new friends. When everyone comes together to support ensure that everyone else experiences a fun and safe adventure – That was the feeling that saturated the air on this particular Saturday in July.

After the program was over, one mom weighed in on her family’s experience of the day. She says:

“Thanks so much for an amazing day. First, I want to thank you for including my son Patrick. I didn’t expect him to get a chance to kayak, as he doesn’t have special needs, but I was so happy for him that he could. As you probably know, siblings of those with special needs do a ton of sacrificing – some that they know about and some they don’t… From deep in my heart, thanks for including him so warmly. He’ll remember this special experience as something he got through his sister, which is a precious and important memory.

And of course Mags had the time of her life. Her partner, Fiona, couldn’t possibly have been a better match and Mags was her best self today!… Thank you Waypoint for your enthusiasm, knowledge, and willingness to have both patience and high expectations for our kids…”

We can’t wait to get back down there and do it all again soon! Stay tuned CT… we’ll be back!

Local news was even there and captured part of the day! Check out their story by clicking here.









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