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Meet Sara

Since moving to the campus of Cotting School in June of 2016, we’ve met a LOT of students in the school cafeteria, during weekly vocational hours, and several have joined us on adventures. But one student in-particular has fully embraced the spirit of an “adventurer” and we’re proud to have her speak at our upcoming Spring Fundraising Party! Meet Sara:

Sara came on a winter hike this January and described it as a “thrill.” Her and her team were actually trying to go faster than the rest of the group on several occasions. When asked which trail to take, Sara always chose the rockier, steeper one. It’s obvious she’s in her element in the outdoors. Of her hike in the Blue Hills, she said:

“My experience was fun, awesome, wonderful, amazing – I need more thrill in my life right now! Such a great program. I want to do it over again. My team rocked my world. My helpers, Brendyn and Jeff, were fun to run with. I am glad we work with Waypoint on campus at Cotting. Whoop whoop!”

If you’re coming to our Spring Fundraising Party, you’ll get a chance to meet Sara and hear more about her adventures. If you haven’t registered yet, get on it! Sara’s stories get even better. Click for a sneak-peak of our White Mountain weekend expedition in record-setting lows! Sara was at the top of Mt. Willard and if you come to the event, she’ll tell you what it felt like!

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