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You Can Make More Owen-Moments Possible

YYrkdYNrOn our adventure programs we take a lot of pictures, but this photo holds more meaning than most. This is Owen and his dad, Peter. Owen’s loving family gives him the best life possible, but his world is very small – spending hours in his wheelchair at home or at his day program and communicating only with facial expressions and body language. His head is often down, looking into his lap. Everyone knows Owen loves the outdoors, but no one ever thought kayaking was possible!

When Owen’s family found Waypoint Adventure, kayaking became a possibility and Peter jumped in the back of the boat to paddle. For 37 years, Peter had never dreamed he could share something like this with his son! He was moved to tears at Owen’s smiles and laughter – his head up and the breeze on his face!

The reality is that 1 in 5 people in the world have a disability and thousands in our community have the perception that they can’t experience life’s exciting adventures. With your generosity, Waypoint provided these life-transforming opportunities to over 1000 people with disabilities this year. But there are so many more families who haven’t yet seen what is possible!

You can help change the perception that people with disabilities are incapable! We’re eager and excited to create more Owen-moments for individuals and families affected by disability, but we need your help! Consider making a stretch gift by the end of 2019!

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PS: Owen’s mom’s message to you: “These experiences have impacted our son’s view of the world. With your help, Waypoint can do the same for others!”