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A story from LIT

Many transition-aged youth with disabilities and their families are often faced with the question of ‘what is next’ once the programs and support they relied on abruptly end at the age of 22. Waypoint Adventure’s Leaders-In-Training (LIT) series is an adventure-learning, leadership development program for young adults with disabilities between the ages of 16-28. The LIT program was designed to use the transformational power of adventure to teach participants skills that they can apply to their everyday life, and transfer to the workplace, all within a supportive community of peers and mentors.

Focused on transition-aged youth, this program is designed to develop leadership skills, improve self-determination and increase self-confidence. This 7-month commitment of one adventure per month is for a cohort of 10 participants. At Waypoint, we believe that at the intersection of challenge and support, people learn and grow, and become better prepared for adulthood. Through challenges like rock climbing, kayaking, hiking, and the overnight backpacking trip, LIT programs instill confidence and a sense of belonging. LITs learn practical adventure skills as well as important life and leadership lessons, equipping them for the pursuit of future goals.

A typical schedule:

SaturdayMayRopes CourseThe kick-off!
SaturdayJuneHikeGroup forming, start "Life Stories"
SaturdayJulyKayakingLearn the basics
SaturdayAugustKayakingLead others
Sat-SunSeptemberOvernight BackpackingThe capstone weekend event!
Thurs eveningOctoberIndoor Rock Climbing and Panel DiscussionParents/Gaurdians, siblings invited
Thu or Fri eveningNovemberGraduation CeremonyHosted by LIT Sponsor

Upon graduation, participants of the LIT program will join a growing community of young adults who continue to adventure and socialize together outside of Waypoint programs. They are also invited to offer their leadership skills to the Waypoint community in various capacities. For example:

  • blog about events
  • manage equipment at Waypoint’s office
  • help recruit participants for future programs
  • volunteer on a program (for those who meet our volunteer eligibility requirements) and do things like help paddle a tandem kayak or belay a participant rock climbing
  • write thank you letters to Waypoint donors

Above all, LITs benefit from the bonds and friendships formed throughout the months of shared experience and adventure!

Candidate requirements to apply for the LIT program are:

  • Have a formal interview with a Waypoint staff member
  • Be reasonably familiar and comfortable with social settings
  • Can participate in group discussions around a theme or goal
  • Can answer open ended questions
  • Can generally follow multi-step instructions or stick to a task independently (or with few prompts)
  • Commit to attending and participating in all LIT programs

Does this sound like you or someone you know? We’re accepting applications for our Leaders-In-Training Class of 2023! Click here for more information and to download an application,

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis and can be submitted to

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“It’s one thing to be IN a community, but it’s another thing to be PART of a community. And you don’t really get it until you get it. You need to be accepted for who you are in a genuine and authentic way and the Waypoint LIT program does that.”
Robin Frost – Parent

“I’ve become more confident and less shy [since joining LIT]. I learned skills like kayaking, rock climbing, and leadership that I’ve gotten to bring up in job interviews.”
Will Haas – LIT Graduate