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Life-Learning Alongside Newton Group Home

Waypoint is teaming up with a group home from Specialized Housing for another exciting series of adventures throughout 2017! This home, started by a cohort of parents, found Waypoint in their search for more adventure opportunities and we’re really excited to embark on a few months of exploration and learning together.

The series kicked off this week with an evening of climbing at Central Rock Gym. Everyone came with great attitudes and excitement, so we got right to it. Each individual led the group in a stretch and some workout activities to warm up before getting on the walls.

Following the warm up we spent some time exploring different types of rock climbing equipment and their usage. We also did a few activities to frame the night, and the upcoming series of programs, around the concept of embracing challenge.

Residents who had never climbed before surprised themselves and each other by how quickly they saw success. Even the staff joined in and tried a few climbs. Laughing together and cheering each other on as they face challenges is one step on the path we hope to travel with these concepts as our stepping stones.

“It is because of support that we are able to face the challenges before us”, said one of the residents.

We’re excited to continue with these residents and staff over the next few months. Keep your eyes open for a post about our upcoming snowshoe adventure in February and check out this post about our kayaking program this past summer!

Last but not least, a big thanks goes out to Zoe and Jim for volunteering their time and being a part of our group!

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