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Liberty Mutual serves the Waypoint community

Waypoint Adventure was honored to participate in Liberty Mutual’s 2017 community service program, Serve With Liberty. This annual world-wide initiative places LM employees into service opportunities around their community and Waypoint had the benefit of rubbing shoulders with some AWESOME, dedicated individuals over these past three days.

Two out of the three days, we met volunteers at a Somerville Public School pool for indoor kayaking programs. Volunteers partnered with students, talked through basic kayaking skills, helped everyone get on life-jackets, get in and out of their boats, paddle around the pool, and even helped some students tip their boat over to practice the skill of capsizing! There’s a lot of work that goes into these half-day programs and each and every volunteer contributed in a big way.

Lastly, the grunt-work-award goes to the Tuesday crew who came to Waypoint’s office and helped clean and prepare our entire fleet of kayaks for the upcoming summer season! These boats are stored outdoors throughout the winter and need to be thoroughly washed and inspected before they transport hundreds of Waypoint participants throughout New England’s beautiful lakes, rivers, and coastline. Equipped with a power washer, soap, and sponges, this group washed 22 boats, inventoried gear, archived files, and organized supplies.

Thank you to all who participated in these service days. You don’t realize how much you’ve impacted Waypoint’s programming and the participants we serve. Come back again soon!2017-05-10 11.19.41 2017-05-10 11.37.45 2017-05-10 11.40.17

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squeaky clean boats
Check out how clean these boats look!