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Become a Leader-In-Training!

Are you an adventurous young adult looking to fine-tune your leadership skills and practice some real-life decision-making alongside a social, supportive community!? Become a Waypoint Adventure Leader-In-Training!

Waypoint Adventure’s Leaders-In-Training (LIT) series is an adventure-learning, leadership development program for young adults with disabilities between the ages of 16-28 (Some exceptions may apply to age parameters). LITs participate in adventures and events 1x/month for seven months. All of these programs are specifically designed to develop leadership skills, improve self-determination and increase self-confidence in transition-age youth. At Waypoint, we believe that at the intersection of challenge and support, people learn and grow and become better prepared for adulthood. On challenges like rock climbing, kayaking, hiking, and the overnight backpacking trip, LITs learn practical adventure skills as well as important life and leadership lessons equipping them for the pursuit of future goals.

An example schedule:

List of Adventures 2020

“Graduates” of the LIT Program will be added to a growing community of young adults who adventure and socialize together outside of Waypoint programs. Waypoint can help organize and staff three family-sponsored socials open to any LIT Graduate between January and April (the off-season of LIT). In addition to these socials, graduates can offer their leadership skills to Waypoint in various capacities even after the series is over. For example, LIT graduates can help recruit participants for future programs, blog about events, manage equipment at Waypoint’s office, write thank you letters to Waypoint donors, or, for those who meet our Volunteer Eligibility Requirements (available upon request), can volunteer on a program and do things like help paddle a tandem kayak or belay a participant up a rock wall. Most importantly, LITs benefit from the friendships formed with each other throughout the months of fun and adventure!

Based on the goals of this series, this cohort of LITs would consist of individuals who are familiar and mostly comfortable with social settings, can participate in group discussions around a theme or goal, can answer open ended questions, can mostly follow multi-step instructions, or can stick to a task independently or with few prompts.

Hurry! Applications are due by February 28th, 2020 and can be submitted to Julia. Click to download the LIT Application.

Scroll down to see highlights of past years and/or click on a series to read more testimonies and pictures. Leaders-In-Training 2017 and Leaders-In-Training 2018.


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