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Leaders-In-Training is in Full Swing

We started! This Saturday was the first adventure of a year-long series with our LIT program and we were swinging indeed. At Hale Reservation (in perfect spring sun) we spent the morning laying the foundation for our series and building the team; and then dedicated the afternoon to the Giant Swing – where each individual LIT had the opportunity to take on a big challenge.

It’s a theme on most adventures, but the relationship between challenge and learning rings especially true within a series like this where the goal is right in the name – we are training (or LEARNING) to become leaders. Here at Waypoint, we believe that when we step into the challenge zone, we learn. The Challenge Zone and the “Learning Zone” are one in the same. Over this year, these Leaders-In-Training will be encouraged to step out their comfort zone, take positive risks, be given the freedom to fail, learn from mistakes, push through things that are hard, and step up to challenges – all while doing so alongside peers that support them.

The Giant Swing brings it all together. Each LIT steps up one at a time to get hooked into the Giant Swing harness while the rest of the group holds the haul rope. When the swinger is ready, he or she tells the group when to start and when to stop. And with a deep breath and a mustering of courage, he or she pulls the cord and disconnects from the haul rope sending them swinging through the air.

Henry Moses, former Freshman Dean at Harvard University and Founder of the First Year Outdoor Program summarizes it well:

“Learning is hard; learning is messy; learning happens when you’re uncomfortable and would rather be doing almost anything else. But we do learn and we learn most effectively when we face challenges with other people who support us and whom we learn to support. And that’s when learning becomes joyous.” – Henry Moses

Learning became joyous this past weekend. You could see it on the faces of everyone mid-swing and the feeling of being accepted and loved by their group. We are thrilled to work with this fun, supportive, and adventurous group over the course of this year and we hope you’ll follow along too! Check out our vidoe of the day posted on and if you haven’t already, start following us on Snapchat at @WaypointAdv (We’re also on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram :).

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