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Leaders-in-Training Series!

Leaders-In-Training Series concluded last Friday and our awesome group of leaders walked away with new friendships and real-life decision-making experience. We started with a hike in the 90 degree heat – deciding on which route to take in the Blue Hills and discussing the role a leader has in any group or team – assisting the group reach an agreed-upon goal. Thursday, we talked about the qualities of a leader and how they help – what decisions we make to ensure the group is safe, needs are met, and everyone feels supported. At the boat launch, each LIT then paired up with one of our volunteer students and made sure they were ready, safe, and having fun as we paddled in tandem kayaks. And on Friday, we revisited our goal: Learning to be leaders requires courage and the willingness to take a risk – to try something you’ve never done before. ALL LIT’s took the final challenge of rappelling off a 40 foot cliff! It was a really impactful week for everyone and Waypoint looks forward to utilizing the fabulous leadership of these LIT’s on future Open Enrollment programs!


Ready for the week!

2016-07-06 13.04.542016-07-06 12.59.41

The top of Hancock Hill!

Photo Jul 06, 12 21 32 PM


Leadership discussions at Waypoint’s office.

2016-07-07 13.12.15

Johann taking us through our schedule

2016-07-07 13.37.51

Kristina helping a student into his seat


Leah and her student paddling along


Will and his student making it back to shore

Photo Jul 07, 2 56 31 PM

Photo Jul 06, 10 13 06 AM

Piled in the van ready for rock climbing!


Will teaching us about some of the equipment

Photo Jul 08, 11 24 51 AM

Will dropping our climbing ropes Photo Jul 08, 12 26 10 PM IMG_1607 IMG_6817 2016-07-08 13.20.14

Will’s rappell

2016-07-08 13.38.13

Adam’s rappell

2016-07-08 13.45.49

Kristina’s rappell