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LABBB Learns to Climb

This month, another partnership was born. The LABBB Collaborative in Bedford serves people with disabilities in Lexington, Arlington, Belmont, Burlington, and Bedford and helps these students reach their potential by integrating academics, social, recreational, and vocational services. They champion the Waypoint spirit: helping people realize their purpose, talents, and strengths! With our missions aligned, it wasn’t hard to find time for a climbing trip at Central Rock Gym and we’re psyched it wasn’t our last.

Each student came in ready to challenge themselves, undaunted by the high ceilings, and learned quickly how to put on harnesses and shoes, trust the process, and take those first steps upward. Every student surpassed their goals! It was an uplifting night.

And this is just the beginning… We’re planning a 4-week series in October to take a deeper dive into the world of rock climbing. There’s a lot to learn about technique, equipment, balance, footing, and how to tie knots and these guys want to learn! We’re looking forward to the fall! Check out pictures of our adventure and stay tuned for more from this great group.

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