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Kayaking Made Accessible

Waypoint Adventure makes kayaking programs accessible by utilizing state-of-the-art equipment, selecting accessible locations, recruiting & training volunteers, and creating an environment conducive to all styles of learning and socialization. We couldn’t do this without the team effort of a Boston community passionate about creating opportunities for adventure learning accessible to everyone. Thank you community partners and volunteers for long term dedication to renovating docks and put-ins, funding the purchase of adaptive equipment, taking Waypoint kayaking trainings, and more. Scroll through pictures below of kayaking made accessible through Waypoint’s three main ingredients: Community, Access, and Preparation.


All of our programs are based on the belief that individuals and teams perform to be best of their ability when people feel a sense of belonging. We strive to create community on every program by stressing the importance of knowing names, discouraging use of cell phones, and relying on our staff’s combined decades of experience in group-forming, and so much more.

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Our equipment supplier and partner, Creating Ability makes universal seats, stabilizing outriggers, cushions, transfer benches, and several different types of paddle adaptations. Thank you Creating Ability for your work in this field!

Universal seat-backs have adjustable width, tilt, and cushioning:


Outriggers provide stability and support. The boat virtually can’t tip over:



We can custom fit a paddle to meet your needs through the several designs we own made by Creating Ability. Check out all paddle adaptations here.

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Paddles can be indexed and partners can work together to accommodate individuals with sensory differences. Check out one man’s experience who has a visual impairment: “Steering My Way Toward Boating Accessibility” by Bob Hachey.

Indoor Kayak (10.5)


People learn when they meet the intersection of challenge and support. When they step out of their comfort zone yet have the help to do so, people discover new strengths and abilities, learn, and grow. We find that individuals get to this intersection by feeling thoroughly prepared to do so. Preparation at Waypoint is all about setting goals and providing context. From written schedules so everyone knows what’s coming next, to sending a “How to Prepare for a Kayaking Program” video ahead of time, to checking in throughout the program – our goal is create a sense of trust in our participants so that everyone can fully engage to however they desire.

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