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Internship Program

Waypoint’s vision is to be an industry leader in the field of Adventure Education for people with disabilities. We’ve been facilitating programs since 2010 and since that time, we’ve been able to collaborate with fantastic organizations, researchers, outdoor professionals, schools, and students. We’re learning so much! Thank you to our Boston community partners, friends, and volunteers for growing and seasoning our beloved organization!

The Waypoint Adventure Internship Program is one way we’re passing this knowledge along. Since we’ve opened our doors, we’ve had several talented individuals join us for a semester or season to take on roles in the fields of Adventure Education, Outdoor Facilitation, Special Education, Non-profit Management, Marketing, and Event Planning. We’re confident that each intern is walking away with a deeper, more dynamic grasp of the work-force and our related fields. In-turn, Waypoint has benefitted from each unique personality, facilitation style, organizational strategy, set of skills, and hard work. Thank you to all who have walked through these doors!

Do YOU want to be a Waypoint Adventure Intern? We’re accepting applications now for a Communications Intern! Contact Julia Spruance at to view a Job Description and apply.

HUGE thank you to all our past interns who have added their expertise, personality, passions, and skill to this team.

Matt Datillo, Spring Intern 2012
Matt Datillo, Spring Intern 2012
Anna Blomberg, Spring Intern 2015
Jess Port, Spring Intern 2016
Jeremy Jackson, Spring Intern 2017
Annie Offen, Fall Intern 2017
Jillian Zuck, 2022
Sammy Davis, 2022-2023
Delaney Woolbert, Summer 2023
Quinn Hart, Summer 2023
Rebecca Fitzgerald, Summer 2023