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In Record-Setting Lows, we Marched 4th

On March 4th, we marched forth despite the coldest recorded temps since the 1800’s. Yes, on Saturday, the temperature in Crawford Notch was a high of 2 and a wind chill of -26, but Waypoint hiked to the top of Mt. Willard at an elevation of 2,840ft and it was exhilarating! Knowing we’d be protected from the wind by the trees, we packed carefully, dressed warmly, had check-in partners, and committed to a grand but chilly adventure. We made it! And it was one of the most rewarding summits we’ve ever experienced.

At the Highland Center the morning after, one staff shared the 5 elements of an adventure from Adventure in Everything written by Matthew Walker and we recounted one by one whether we’d, in-fact, accomplished an adventure. See for yourself:

  1. High Endeavor – effort was at an all-time high. We all had to work hard to get up that mountain mentally and physically. No one could afford to check out.
  2. Uncertain Outcome – our success was certainly not a guarantee. We had to be ready to turn around if it was going to compromise the safety and well-being of the group.
  3. Total Commitment – everyone was definitely all in and we encouraged each other the whole way.
  4. Tolerance for Adversity – we were willing to push through obstacles and we did!
  5. Great Companionship – any adventure pursued together requires trust and teamwork and our group formed together quickly recognizing this fact. We relied on each other!

A big thanks to AMC’s Highland Center and the Youth Opportunities Program that made our trip possible. Check out pictures from our “by-the-book” Adventure below:

A lesson on layering: Wicking, Insulating, and Weather-proofing are a must!
Photo Mar 03, 9 57 10 PM
Going over our goals: Community and Nature. Moose sighting on the drive up – already achieved!
Photo Mar 04, 8 26 41 AM
Cozy bunk rooms. Thank you Highland Center!
Photo Mar 04, 9 48 24 AM (1)
Bill and Adam psyched to go for it!
Photo Mar 04, 4 44 43 PM
Weather report is less than balmy.
Photo Mar 04, 11 33 02 AM
Adam, Bill, Rick, Jess, and Emily on the way up
Photo Mar 04, 11 34 22 AM
Dan, Sara, John, and Kevin on the way up
Photo Mar 04, 11 34 29 AM
Dan and Sara cruising along
Photo Mar 04, 11 34 35 AM
Lydia, Janessa, and Will loving the adventure
Photo Mar 04, 11 35 07 AM
Rick and Bill cruising along
Photo Mar 04, 12 31 04 PM
Teamwork was key!
Photo Mar 04, 1 00 38 PM
We made it to the top! Had to touch and go because it was too cold to stay, but we did it! What an awesome day and great view of Crawford Notch.
Photo Mar 04, 1 02 18 PM
Rick, Adam, Bill, Lydia, and Emily at the top
Photo Mar 04, 1 31 52 PM
Janessa, Will, Dan, and Sara all smiles after a “High Endeavor”
Photo Mar 04, 1 28 20 PM
John and Kevin made it back down to the bottom
Photo Mar 04, 6 56 24 PM
A very rewarding dinner Saturday night at the Highland Center
Photo Mar 04, 5 49 06 PM
Reminiscing in the lodge and looking at funny pictures… mostly of Adam’s frozen beard
Photo Mar 04, 8 38 37 PM
Played the card game, Spoons, into the night.