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2017 Program Impact Report

We are committed to understand the impact of Waypoint programs on the lives of people with disabilities and their communities. Thanks to a collaboration with the Social Innovation Forum, Public Service Economics, and Boston University’s Occupational Therapy Department, we released an impact report that includes feedback from participants, parents and teachers/caregivers.

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Waypoint PARTICIPANTS were asked to fill out a post program evaluation that looked at four key outcome areas which research has shown as deficits in the lives of people with disabilities. Following a Waypoint program, participants report…

At the end of the evaluation we ask a few open ended questions about what participants valued, advice they would give others, and what they would change. Some of their responses include:

When we asked TEACHERS to report back on their perspective of Waypoint’s impact they continually tell us things like:

• I have seen students go from being afraid and anxious to being confident and able to take safe risks in their education and in their personal lives. – Boston Public School, MA

PARENTS are a crucial part of the feedback we seek in determining impact. When we ask them to report on the impact of their son or daughter’s participation in Waypoint programs and we continually hear things like…

• “It's too infrequent that we see our son bursting with pride and a real sense of accomplishment.” • “The most positive impact I see is in his growing confidence in his ability to navigate his world day-to-day.” • “It was amazing to watch both of my kids enjoy the outdoors in a way I never thought possible. Our daughter was her best self today.” • “This showed me that we can be much more adventurous and active as a family.”

Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 8.23.32 PM