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IAC Backpacking 2019

Our annual Inclusive Adventure Club (IAC) backpacking trip was one of the best IAC programs to date. Our vision for this club is that all people regardless of ability have the opportunity to share in the costs and rewards of the experience. We recognize that the thrill of backpacking can be even more rewarding when done alongside a diverse community! So…

On September 21st, 15 adults and their packs filled with food, sleeping bags, tents, and the like, journeyed up to the White Mountains for a beautiful weekend of fall backpacking. The specific destination: Franconia Brook Campsite. S’more-making; star-gazing; bowl-licking; weird wraps (peanut butter, cheese, pepperoni, hummus, and Doritos); and games around the fire were just some of the many highlights that made for a magical trip.

Several people by the end of the weekend said that this trip made their year. It is rare when a large, new group of people can come together and work so effortlessly. Genuine adventure allows that to happen!

If you are interested in backpacking or in other inclusive adventure club adventures, please check out our IAC 2019 Flyer and sign up!

The photos speak for themselves:









Photo Sep 22, 11 32 59 AM

Photo Sep 22, 12 13 41 PM

Photo Sep 21, 7 04 35 PM

Photo Sep 21, 4 55 52 PM

Photo Sep 21, 5 05 02 PM

Photo Sep 21, 5 43 32 PM


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Photo Sep 21, 2 23 37 PM

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