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Partnering with Group Homes

Waypoint partnered with a Group Home from Newton for an exciting evening of paddling the Charles in Cambridge. Residents in this home and it’s staff, started by a cohort of parents, have been on the lookout for adventure opportunities; chances to learn and grow and build community and through a mutual friend, the connection was made. On Tuesday night, participants took in an illuminated city-scape from a new perspective (with a collective minute of silence too!) and learned about paddling in current, following boat traffic, and working with a partner in a tandem kayak. Our #summerofwaypoint theme was in full swing again. We asked each participant at the end of the night, “what was your Waypoint?” “what will be your memory or ‘marker’ that reminds you of learning along life’s journey?” One participant said she’ll remember “experiencing the city in a new way” while another participant, surprised at how hard it was for him, learned to “trust [himself].” Thank you to Friends of Magazine Beach for making this site so accessible and easy to use!

2016-07-19 18.13.54
Opening circle to talk about our schedule and goal for the day.
2016-07-19 18.58.49
Dave Manzo, president of Cotting School, joined an old friend and Cotting alumn in a tandem kayak!

2016-07-19 19.12.28 2016-07-19 18.58.55 IMG_2289

2016-07-19 19.36.15
Before turning back to our launch site, we took a minute of silence to appreciate our surroundings.
2016-07-19 20.19.59
Writing and sharing our waypoints at the end of the day.